Trust & Safety


At edugates we are committed to providing security for the transactions which you make on our website. We acknowledge the importance of having a secure payment method, and will play our role in providing this. In our efforts to do so, we have taken a set of measures to make the website as secure as possible.


Every page on our website uses HTTPS. HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol with Secure Sockets Layer) is an Internet protocol that transfers encrypted data over the web, unlike HTTP which transfers data as plain text. HTTPS provides high encryption of information and enables edugates to transfer sensitive information securely.

Usually, when HTTPS is used, it is only used on certain website pages, such as checkout pages. At edugates, all pages use HTTPS. The protection of your privacy means a lot to us, and so we have chosen the highest security standards for our website.

Data storage

edugates does not store raw data concerning your payment method, such as your PayPal login and password, your credit card number, date or validation code or PIN. When cardholder data is stored, we use some of the most advanced encryption methods available.

Data on the website is mirrored on individual servers. Data backups are highly encrypted and stored off site with an undisclosed third party.


The network used by edugates has been set up in a secure way with minimal access to outside networks, by restricting access by VPN. edugates conducts frequent vulnerability scans of the network. edugates will warn you of any threat against your privacy or your data.

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