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St.Giles International London Highgate - english courses
London, GB
51 Shepherd's Hill, London, United Kingdom
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English UK>
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A village feel so close to the centre of the city, with teaching that is second to none.

The school is housed in a beautiful old building, surrounded by fabulous gardens. Students have enjoyed learning at St. Giles Highgate for more than 30 years. The school is close to the centre of London. Meaning you will only be a 20 minute tube ride away from enjoying everything the city has to offer.

The school facilities are spread over 4 floors. It has 26 classroom, two of which are situated in a separate block at the bottom of the garden. The canteen is open between 08:30 a.m. and 16:30 p.m. Students can relax and enjoy a variety of hot and cold snack. The school also has self-access facilities.

There is a computer room where students can use the computers and access free WiFi. A library is also available for students to enhance their learning experience. There are interactive whiteboards in 90% of classrooms. Students will find this aid to learning extremely useful. The school can accommodate around 330 students in their 23 classrooms.

London Highgate welcome students aged 14 upwards. Special arrangements are made for students under 18, to stay with carefully selected host families. Parents are asked to consider carefully whether to enroll their child if they are under 18 years old. The school caters primarily for those above 18 years old, and they cannot provide 24 hour supervision for children below that age. Highgate is a fashionable and prosperous area of London. People from many nationalities call it home. It is also considered to be one of the safest areas in London.

Students find studying in this peaceful setting helps them to engage more in their studies. They enjoy the cultural diversity. All students regardless of race or gender are welcomed at London Highgate. In fact, the diversity is one of the reasons why students find studying at the school such an enriching experience.

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Teaching methodology The teaching is focused on students speaking English as much as possible whilst they are at the school. They are encourage to exercise their verbal skills as much as possible with their host family.
Learning is also encouraged in a number of fun ways. They can continue to learn whilst enjoying a television program. Learning can be just as effective reading a magazine or comic, surfing the net or chatting to people in the local pub.

Students are expected to attend all classes, and to be punctual. If students are more than 10 minutes late for a lesson, the may be asked to wait until the next class. It is better for students to keep up with each lesson to make the most of their time.

Each class and lesson vary. Teachers may ask students to work in pairs while they observe. This way each student will have lots of speaking practice under supervision. The teacher is able to help to improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills.

The teacher will speak with student individually every 2 weeks to see how they are progressing. They are there to help if students have any problems with a lesson, and also any external problems they may be experiencing. If there is anything the student wants to change, they can bring it up at these sessions.

There is an active social program which is considered an essential part of the course. Activities include Saturday trips to historic cities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Bath. There are many more cities to choose from. Other fun activities include, Karaoke evenings, tenpin bowling, international food evenings or dance classes.
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Excellent for: 1st course/All levels
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: No
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Life Course
General English - Intensive 20 lessons per week x - weeks
General English - Intensive 28 lessons per week x - weeks
There are several course options, depending on individual requirements. The beginner’s course lasts for 4 weeks, and is designed for students who are new to learning English. However, this course can be used as a first step. A number of flexible options are offered at Highgate.

The course focus on improving speaking, writing and listening skills. Students from all over the world have said that they particularly enjoyed the course, because they enjoyed meeting people from other cultures. All courses include a fun element to make sure students have fun whilst they are learning. Students of all levels of English can be accommodated and they are encouraged to learn in interactive ways.

Lesson times are between 09:00 a.m – 18:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
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Excellent for: Work Abroad
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: No
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Work Course
Business English - Intensive 28 lessons per week x - weeks
This course is designed for people who want to improve their English level and also develop their skills for using English in a business environment. Topics covered will include managing business meetings, negotiations, using the telephone for business, giving presentations and writing professional reports, emails and letters. Students can also choose to prepare for the Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) during the course.

Time and Days of the week where the course is taught: it combines 20 morning lessons of General English with 8 afternoon lessons focusing on English for Business and students can study for between 2 and 12 weeks. The courses start every Monday from 9.00am till 3.35 pm each day

Lessons duration: lessons are 50 minutes long and there are 6 lessons per day.
Course certificate: students can also choose to prepare for the Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) during the course.
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Excellent for: Study abroad (Uni)
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: No
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Study Course
IELTS (Preparation) - Intensive 20 lessons per week x - weeks
IELTS (Preparation) - Intensive 28 lessons per week x - weeks
English Exam Preparation Courses are especially useful for students who want to go on and study at university. It could also be an asset for anyone wishing to work for many governments or international employers. The course duration is 8 or 12 weeks and exams are held every 2 weeks.

There are three elements to the exam, written, oral and listening. Students are given practice time before the exams. Students are given practice tips. They have to study the requirement of the exam, so that they know what to expect on the day. They have to practice their writing, speaking, listening and reading English. They are encourage to enlist the help of friends and family to assist them in a mock exam setting. By the end of the course they should have developed good study skills; be confident in their use of English and be ready to take the internationally recognized exam.

Morning lessons between 09:00 a.m and 13:00 p.m Monday to Friday
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  • Cafe
  • Garden
  • Self Study Room
  • Study Center
  • WIFI
  • Free Internet
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Social Calendar
  • TV
Double Studio
  • Price week: £222
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Plenty of parkland, spacious rooms, a basketball hoop and a BBQ area - these are some of the perks of moving out of Zone 1 and into Tufnell House in Kentish Town. This awesome student digs has had a recent trendy transformation, and being only 5 minutes walk from the tube means you still have all of London at your fingertips. North London is your immediate playground though - hilly, leafy, full of character, music and vitality. A place many residents wouldn’t dream of leaving, ever.
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  • Price week: £124
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  • Price week: £200
  • Booking fee: £25.00
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