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St.Giles Vancouver

Vancouver, CA
1130 W Pender St - Vancouver
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A welcoming school with high levels of personal attention and professionalism, located in one of the world’s most beautiful, safe and modern cities.

St Giles Vancouver has a reputation as a warm and professional school. The school building is located in the heart of Vancouver near the spectacular Coal Harbour and occupies one floor of a modern office building.

There 17 bright and airy classrooms - most fitted with interactive whiteboards - a computer room, library, free Wi-Fi throughout and a student café and lounge offering sandwiches, snacks and drinks. Vancouver International airport is 30 minutes away by taxi.

The school offers a wide range of courses including:

● General English courses
● International Semester courses
● Exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL/TOEIC, Cambridge FCE, CPE and CAE)
● Business English
● University Pathway courses
● Platinum courses

All courses are taught according to a 20 or 28 hour per week schedule. The school has a capacity to teach 170 students from age 16+ and the maximum class size is 12 (average 10).

Students come to St Giles, Vancouver from all over the world, particularly from Switzerland, Brazil and Japan. The school welfare team organise a monthly social programme as well as excursions to football and hockey games. Accommodation is arranged by the school in homestay, student residences and hotels.


St Giles, Vancouver is part of the St Giles International group of schools which has locations around the world. The company has over 60 years’ experience in teaching the English language and the Vancouver school is no exception to their highly regarded reputation.

Teaching at St Giles, Vancouver is focused on the learner’s needs and interests. Lessons are interactive and fun, with students being actively encouraged to contribute in class discussion.

Classes have a maximum of 12 students and students learn through speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary. The school organises a varied social and sports programme to encourage students topractice their English outside the classroom.


All teachers at St Giles, Vancouver are qualified native-level English speakers, some to Diploma and Master’s level. St Giles International continually assess their teachers, who are given dedicated feedback on their performance. This process helps maintain consistent teaching standards.

Feedback and Testing:

Students are given continuous feedback throughout the course. Every two weeks all students have a one-to- one session with their teacher to talk about their progress. Providing students attend 80% and over of their classes, they will receive a full report outlining their progress and achievements at the end of the course.

At the beginning of each course students are tested for language ability according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

There are six levels,ranging from beginner to proficient, and students are placed into classes according to their position on the scale. At the beginning of each course students receive a Personal Progress Chart which tracks their position on the scale throughout the course. Every four weeks students are given a level assessment test to see if they can move up.

Student Welfare:

As well as teaching staff, St Giles Vancouver has a welfare team who provide full support to students during their time at the school. They also organise the social program and excursions.

Type of courses

The General English Courses at St Giles, Vancouver are designed to help you communicate effectively in English through reading, writing, listening, vocabulary and conversation. They are the most popular courses at the centre and provide full immersion into the language. General English courses are taught in small groups of a maximum of 12 or on a one-to- one basis. All courses are tailored to ability, from Beginner to Proficient.

There are four categories of General Language Course:

● General English, 28 hours per week – an intensive, full-time course. 1 week + duration.
● General English, 20 hours per week – a less intensive course designed to give students more leisure time in the morning or afternoon. 1 week+ duration.
● General English for Beginners, 28 hours per week – a four-week course designed to provide beginners in English with full immersion into the language.
● One-to- one – students have the chance to have a personal lesson with their tutor. Combine with a group course or choose only one-to- one lessons.

Time and Days of the week where the course is taught: All courses are taught at the St Giles Vancouver school building.

● 28 hour course: 9.00 to 15.30 every day.
● 20 hour course: 9.30 to 1pm OR 13.45 to 17.45 every day
● Beginners course (28 hours, 2-4 week duration): 9.30 to 15.45 pm every day
● One-to- one: by arrangement.

Lesson duration: 50 minutes

Students receive a full report and certificate if they attend a minimum 80% of classes.

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This intensive four-week programme is practical and task-based,with an emphasis on role play and the world of business. Students learn how to use English in business meetings, writing reports, on the telephone and in emails as well as learning the vocabulary needed to carry out successful negotiation. Learning also takes place outside the classroom, with team projects, field visits and case studies.

Time and Days of the week where the course is taught: 28 hours per week from 9.00 am to 3.50 daily. The course is taught at the St Giles Vancouver School Building.

Lesson duration: 50 minutes

Students receive a full report and certificate at the end of the course

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St Giles Vancouver offers an intensive four-week course to prepare students for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) exams. The course is designed for those students who wish to grasp North American English, with a view to studying in the USA or Canada. The TOEFL and TOEIC qualifications are also helpful in gaining entry into scholarship programmes and other government agencies throughout the world.

The TOEFL/TOEIC Exam preparation courses have set start dates throughout the year and comprise 20 lessons per week of TOEFL/TOEIC preparation plus the option to take 8 hours per week of General English in the afternoon. The course prepares students for every aspect of the exam through writing, reading, listening and speaking. Throughout the course you will be given regular feedback and support from your tutor and assessed on your progress to meeting the demands of this internationally recognised exam. The course is open to those with intermediate (B1) language ability or above.

Time and Days of the week where the course is taught: 09.00 to 13.00 every day with the option to add 8 more hours of General English in the afternoon.

Lesson duration: 50 minutes

TOEFL/TOEIC exams are held throughout the year. Check with St Giles Vancouver for more information.

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St Giles, Vancouver offers preparation courses for the IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) exam of 4 weeks duration, with set start dates throughout the year. The program aims to prepare students for the exam through combining intensive tuition in academic language with more general English to improve grammar, vocabulary and communication.

By following an IELTS preparation course, students arefully prepared to take both the written and oral IELTS examinations, and the course includes exam practice. Students must have intermediate (B1) English language ability and above to gain entry to the IELTS Preparation Course.

Time and Days of the week where the course is taught: The IELTS preparation courses are taught at the St Giles Vancouver school building. 20 morning lessons per week of IELTS preparation over four weeks, with the option to add a further 8 General English lessons per week in the afternoon.

Lesson duration: 50 minutes

Regular IELTS exams are held throughout the year, contact St Giles, Vancouver for more information.

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1130 W Pender St - Vancouver

St Giles, Vancouver is centrally located in the business district of Vancouver, near the main shopping and entertainment areas and a stone’s throw from the spectacular Coal Harbour. Situated on the west coast of British Columbia, Vancouver has a population of just over 600,000 people and is ranked the 5th city in the world for its quality of life facilities and low crime rates (Mercer). The city has one of the most ethnically diverse cultures in Canada (52% of people have a language other than English) and is noted for its rich history of welcoming foreigners to its shores. Vancouver is a mix of glass skyscrapers and natural beauty. Surrounded by the snow-capped North Shore Mountains, a 30-minute bus ride away, the city offers a plethora of outdoor pursuits, from mountain biking to skiing. It also has a thriving music, art and restaurant scene and is famous for its freshly caught seafood and Asian-influenced cuisine. Following a hard day’s learning, students can head to the 400-hectare Stanley Park, an urban landscape that incorporates sea, rainforest and mountains. Public transport in the city, rated one of the best systems in the world, is fast, cheap and reliable. The city’s main airport is located just 12 km from Downtown Vancouver, where students can hang out in the swanky bars overlooking the sea. Vancouver is a clean, modern city that has everything to offer students looking to combine learning English with a cosmopolitan cultural experience.

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