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Global Village Calgary - 2017/18 Information

Calgary, CA

515 1st Street Southeast, Calgary, AB, Canada

Languages Canada>
Cambridge English>

Global Village English Centres have schools across Canada and the USA. Located in the heart of one of Canada’s most interesting and vibrant cities, GV Calgary is known for its highly experienced teachers, international student community and a huge variety of English courses.

GV Calgary is situated in a heritage building in downtown Calgary and is surrounded by modern architecture, public art and beautiful parks. The school has 24 modern classrooms and offers a wide range of English courses.

GV Calgary attracts students from all over the world and the school is also the city’s first IELTS testing centre with a reputation for providing first class IELTS preparation courses in both the day and evening.

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Teaching methodology
Updated on 23/05/2018
GV Calgary has 19 fully qualified, native English-speaking members of teaching staff with a wide range of experience and specialisms. The school is known throughout Canada for its enthusiastic teachers and academic excellence.

On top of a wide choice of General English courses, GV Calgary is also a certified IELTS testing centre and official CELTA teacher training centre. Before arrival at the school, students are given a level assessment test which enables staff to place them in the course best suited to them.

Teachers at GV Calgary offer continuous feedback and support in order to help students achieve fluency. The school welcomes students from over 50 countries and speaking English at all times while in Calgary is actively encouraged.

GV Calgary also offers a varied social program, including trips to the Rockies, horseback riding and music club.
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Excellent for: 1st course/All levels
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: Included
Visa letter: No
Choose your English for Life Course
General English - Intensive 20 lessons per week x - weeks
General English - Intensive 25 lessons per week x - weeks
General English - Super intensive 30 lessons per week x - weeks
GV Calgary offers a range of General English Programs (GEP) suited to students who wish to achieve overall fluency in English. GEP Courses are taught according to a 10, 20, 25 or 35 lesson-per-week schedule in small groups of 12, with a nationality mix of students from over 50 countries. GV Calgary’s fully accredited General English Programs focus on developing skills in all areas, with particular emphasis on speaking fluently. The curriculum is fully interactive and encourages communication in English at all times.

Depending on the course, students can choose an additional elective course to follow in the afternoon. Elective courses are tailored to individual needs and include Essential Vocabulary, Grammar Practice and Writing Skills. For students seeking more individual attention, GV Calgary also offers one-to-one General English lessons, where learners work with their teacher to achieve specific language goals.

Time and Days of the week where the course is taught: All courses are taught at the GV school building in Calgary every day from Monday to Friday from 08.45 to 15.30. Courses have set start dates each month - contact the school for further information.

Lesson duration: 50 minutes
Course certificate: Certificate on completion of the course.
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Excellent for: Work Abroad
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: Included
Visa letter: No
Choose your English for Work Course
Business English - Intensive 25 lessons per week x - weeks
For students looking to begin a career in international business, GV Calgary offers a business course to improve fluency in formal English used in the workplace. The course helps to expand business vocabulary and develop key skills needed to succeed in a professional English-speaking environment. Students follow a targeted curriculum of exercises and activities designed to increase confidence in business negotiations, marketing and professional language.

Key Facts:

English for Business: 25 lessons per week with set start dates each month. 4,8 or 12 weeks course duration. Intermediate language ability and above only.
Time and Days of the week where the course is taught: English for Business is taught at the GV Calgary school building from Monday to Friday.
Lesson duration: 50 minutes.

Course certificate: Students who complete the four or 8-week English for Business sessions will receive a certificate. Students who complete the full 12-week course are presented with a Business English Diploma.
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  • Computer Room
  • Student Lounge
  • Library
  • Social Calendar
  • TV
  • Free Internet
  • Cafe
  • Self Study Room
  • Study Center
  • WIFI
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