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EC English Miami - 2017/18 Information

Miami, US

1111 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

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With our energy, expertise and passion for teaching English, our goal is to help students succeed in a global community.

EC Miami is located in a spectacular landmark building in the heart of South Beach.

Surrounded by the shops, bars and cafés of Lincoln Road Mall EC Miami is right at the heart of Miami beach’s stunning At Deco architecture and sizzling nightlife, yet only 10 miles from Miami International airport with flights around the world. It has capacity for 207 students with 14 classrooms and 13 student computers.

Students at EC Miami are mostly aged 21-30 and come from all around the world, including, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Germany, France, Brazil, Italy, Venezuela and Turkey. We offer our students the following guarantee- If you do not progress at the expected rate, we will provide you with all the additional lessons, help and support you need to reach our target level at no extra cost.

This is subject to you completing all homework and class assignments and your full attendance to lessons.

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Teaching methodology At EC, we follow a 'Communicative Method' syllabus, which works to develop all four English language skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening. Only when you are confident in all four of these areas will you achieve fluency.

To give an engaging and relevant framework to learning these skills, each lesson will focus on a specific topic, which will vary from current affairs to everyday issues. Your professional and friendly teachers will select topics that create interest, discussion and debate in the class.

This means as you engage with the language, you will also learn a lot about your classmates and different cultures around the world, all within an English context! As well as taking an active part in classroom discussions, you will work on your language skills in small groups, pairs or individually on tasks and projects. As you learn correct English pronunciation, increase your vocabulary, work on your grammar and improve your sentence construction, you will find you become able to express yourself in an accurate and appropriate way.

In addition to our courses at EC Miami we run free workshops to further support your language development. You can choose to attend our Lecture Series where you will practice listening and note-taking skills in a real-life setting with a teacher or another native English speaker. Or join our Pronunciation Clinic where you can choose from ‘general’ pronunciation clinics for all students and clinics targeted at specific accents.

Try our Conversation Class where you join a group conversation with a teacher or native English speaker to discuss an issue of interest. Or take part in one of our Reading Workshops and learn new vocabulary, realise different structures, acquire English naturally...all by reading!

We know that learning English is not just about the classroom. EC Miami has a varied program of social activities. As an EC student, you will be invited to a free welcome event and enjoy a varied calendar of social and leisure activities throughout your stay. 

Some of the many activities available include: Karaoke -Show off your English singing skills!  Art Walk-Learn about Miami’s art scene. Outdoor Movie- Watch a movie with fellow students outdoors at Soundscape. Sports-Including soccer on the beach and other fun group sports.
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Excellent for: 1st course/All levels
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: Included
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Life Course
General English - Intensive 20 lessons per week x - weeks
General English - Intensive 24 lessons per week x - weeks
General English - Super intensive 30 lessons per week x - weeks
Improve your level and maximize your ability to use English with our most popular course. Choose the level of intensity that suits your needs best.

General English (20 lessons per week) will give you a practical understanding of the English language and take you all the way to fluency. See your confidence improve as we train you in all four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Intensive English (30 lessons per week) includes the above General English classes, and also allows you to personalise your course by taking an additional 10 lessons per week across a wide selection of electives (see the choices below).

Semi-Intensive English (24 lessons per week) is only available to students studying in the USA or Canada. This course offers General English plus 4 lessons per week of electives.

Time and Days of the week where the course is taught: Starts every Monday- 8.30 am -minimum of 1 week course. Beginner to advanced level maximum of 15 students in the class. 20 – 30 lessons per week.

At EC Miami, there are 3 timetables. Your timetable will depend on how many lessons per week you are taking. 20 lessons per week (15 hours) - General English. Students are assigned one of two class schedules. 24 lessons per week (18 hours) - Semi-Intensive English. Elective lessons take place twice weekly between 12:30 and 14:00 in combination with General English courses. 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours) – Intensive English. Elective lessons take place Monday through Friday from 12:30 to 14:00 in combination with General English courses.

Lessons at EC Miami alternate between morning and afternoon on a daily basis. Put simply, this means you will have lessons in the morning one day and in the afternoon the next. This gives you the opportunity to have free time at different periods during the day, allowing you to have a lie-in one day and a free afternoon the next! You will be put in either Group A or Group B on your first day.
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Excellent for: Work Abroad
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: Included
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Work Course
Business English - Super intensive 30 lessons per week x - weeks
Are you dreaming of an international career in a global workplace and clear conversations with future colleagues? For those who want to succeed in today's global workplace, this intensive English for Work course develops the fluency, accuracy and specific communication skills you need to advance confidently in your chosen career. Every week you will take 30 lessons: 20 lessons of General English and 10 lessons of Business English. Choose English for Work and improve your career prospects at home and abroad.

Your 10 weekly Business English lessons will focus on areas such as:

-Negotiating contracts
-Management and HR
-Branding and promotional strategies
-Project management
-Company budgets
-Business ethics and CSR

Time and Days of the week where the course is taught: Starts every Monday, 8.30 am and finishing 5.30 pm Minimum of 1 week available all year. 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours)

-10 Elective lessons take place Monday through: Friday from 12:30 to 14:00 in combination with General English courses (20 lessons)
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  • Free Internet
  • Student Lounge
  • Computer Room
  • TV
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Self Study Room
  • WIFI
  • Study Center
Student residence
  • Price week: £189
  • Accommodation area: Convenientemente ubicado en el corazon de Kendall, a solo pasos de los Mejores Malls ( Dolphin mall, Dadeland mall, The Falls, Coco Walk, entre otros), Expressways ( Vias rapidas,turn pike), Restaurantes, South Beach,Cerca de varios centros educativos y de salud tales como Baptist Hospital,Miami children's hospital,Miami dade college, FIU entre otros. Paradas de buses. Condominio Tranquilo.
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  • Price week: £278
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