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EC English Manchester - 2017/18 Information

Manchester, GB

Boulton House, Chorlton Street, Manchester, United Kingdom

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From our cutting edge academic research and development, to our unbeatable locations, to our beautiful school designs and facilities, we are committed to delivering the best learning and life experiences possible.

EC Manchester has been open since 2014 and is a modern boutique space in the heart of this revolutionary, entrepreneurial and innovative city, famous for its world class football, vibrant music scene and friendly Northern charm.

This is a small personal school with a capacity of 135, 9 classrooms and 78% of its students come from Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Colombia, Spain and France, 22% from other countries. The majority of students are aged between18-25.

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Teaching methodology Our teachers are qualified and experienced, and when it comes to creating lessons, they know what works. Classes are dynamic, engaging and motivating, designed to activate and build upon your strengths, whilst also giving targeted attention to your weaker areas.

Relaxed and informal classroom environments create an encouraging atmosphere, to help you build your confidence, realise your potential and advance towards fluency.

At EC, progress is maximised as students are encouraged to learn by doing. Our task-based lessons focus on the active production of English, promoting class participation and interaction between students.

Your teachers are trained to deliver on-going support, feedback and care throughout your time at EC. You will be taught by at least two teachers, exposing you to a variety of voices, improving both your listening skills and boosting your vocabulary.

We believe there is no substitute for authentic English so, in addition to text books, our teachers use real-life resources taken from newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet. The authentic nature of these materials gives our students an appreciation of the richness of the English language used in a variety of everyday contexts.

As an EC student, you will be invited to a free welcome event and enjoy a varied calendar of social and leisure activities throughout your stay. We believe a rich social programme supports your language learning.

Some of the many activities available include:

Movie Afternoon; watch and discuss a movie with other students.
Manchester Art Gallery; be impressed by this large and varied art collection.
People's History Museum; learn about the history of Manchester's working class.
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Excellent for: 1st course/All levels
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: Included
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Life Course
General English - Intensive 20 lessons per week x - weeks
General English - Intensive 24 lessons per week x - weeks
General English - Super intensive 30 lessons per week x - weeks
With a focus on fluency, the General English course allows you to improve your English and gain a practical understanding of the language and how to use it. You will focus on the 4 skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will improve your level and maximise your ability to use English. You will experience how English is spoken and used in many real-life situations. Relevant and engaging lessons will develop your understanding of grammar, vocabulary, idioms and pronunciation, and give you practice in the use of everyday English through the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Time and Days of the week where the course is taught: The course starts every Monday (excepting Bank Holidays) and consists of 20 lessons per week. Students will be given their timetable on their first day. EC Manchester uses a double banking timetable, which gives students the opportunity to have free time at different periods during the day, allowing them to have a lie in one day and an afternoon shopping trip the next!

E.g Group A have morning classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday and afternoon classes Tuesday and Thursday.
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Excellent for: Work Abroad
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: Included
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Work Course
Business English - Super intensive 30 lessons per week x - weeks
English in the City is EC’s innovative special focus language course combining real life visits and experiences with classroom based learning. our 10 weekly themed English in the City lessons will include:

-Class outings
-Guest speakers
-Visit to local places of interest
-Interesting and practical topics
-Themed lessons

Structured classroom study will also support each theme, with themes changing weekly. These could include:
'Business English - Tours of Local Businesses',
'Describing Art & Culture - Museum Tours',
'Talk like a Local - Neighbourhood Visits', and
'The Language of Sports - Stadium Visits'.
+ more - less
Excellent for: Study abroad (Uni)
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: Included
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Study Course
TOEFL (Preparation) - Super intensive 30 lessons per week x - weeks
Minimum level required- Intermediate. Reasons for taking this course are you want to attend an English-speaking university or you want a career in an international environment. You want to gain a competitive advantage in your career path or you want an international certificate which proves your level of English and you want better opportunities for future employment.

Our teachers are fully trained in what is required to get a great score in the IELTS exam. Your final result will reflect a thorough understanding of the IELTS requirements, as well as a significant improvement in your reading, writing, speaking and listening.

We will ensure your exam result reflects your true potential. This means understanding grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and the secrets of perfect pronunciation. You will also see your English improving from spending time in an English-speaking country. Learn the exam skills you need to meet and surpass your required score.

Using sample exam papers you will learn how to effectively answer questions so by the time you take the test, you will know the style of questions to expect and how to answer them. Your teachers will guide and monitor you to make sure that you progress at the correct rate to succeed in your exam.

They will motivate and encourage you, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop personalised study plans for you.

In addition EC Manchester does Cambridge ESOL courses. Cambridge exams are recognised by employers, universities and colleges around the world, and the results are valid for life. We will ensure you enter your exam feeling thoroughly prepared with the confidence to succeed.

FCE (First Certificate in English) is suitable if you are confident using a wide range of spoken and written English.
CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) is what you need if you can use your English skills for most professional and academic purposes.
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  • Student Lounge
  • Self Study Room
  • WIFI
  • Library
  • Disabled Access
  • Free Internet
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Price week: £92
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