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EC English Los Angeles - 2017/18 Information

Los Angeles, US

401 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA

US Customs & Border Protection>

Enjoy learning English at EC Los Angeles, in the city that can guarantee sunshine.

The sunny fun filled area of Santa Monica, is where EC Los Angeles is situated. The school has been helping students to improve their English language skills since 2011.

Japan, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland, supply the majority of the 330 students who attend the school, but most continents are represented. The minimum age of students admitted to the study programmes is 16 years, but all ages including those who are 50+ study at this location.

The school is set in a modern building with shops and dining areas nearby. The white beaches of Santa Monica are a 5 minute walk away. There are 22 classrooms where between 12 and 15 students take part in each lesson. Each room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard which makes each lesson more interesting.

When it comes to relaxation time, there is a student lounge for getting to know each other after classes. There is a computer room with 30 computers all with internet access. Free Wi-Fi is also available throughout the centre. Books are available for students who want to study quietly in the self-study area.

There are additional things students can do to speed up the learning process. They can go to extra lectures to practice their listening and note-taking skills. In Conversation classes they can practice their discussion skills, and pronunciation. They can also join the Breaking News group where they discuss current events. All these extra activities lead to a better understanding of the English language.

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Teaching methodology The teachers are qualified and experienced in teaching English to non-native speakers. Their aim is to help students develop the four elements of English language skills. They are reading, writing, speaking and listening. Concentrating on these areas will help students learn the English language as quickly as possible, and enable them to use it in the right context.

In each session, teachers try to focus on specific topics. This could be current affairs or general every day issues. They try to select topics that are of interest to the students, so that they can easily communicate with each other and take part in all the activities. These tasks are designed to make learning faster and fun, and the students get to know each other better.

Classes are designed to motive students and give them the confidence to take an active role in each lesson. Students work in groups as well as pairs where they are given various tasks and projects. If students have strengths the teachers will help to improve on them. And if there are weaknesses, they will also get help to improve.

In most of the classes students use newspapers, CDs, internet and video. This helps them to understand how English is used in everyday settings by native speakers. Every day of the week there are activities which student are encouraged to take part in, to enhance their experience of learning English. They can meet in the common room to get to know their fellow students.
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Excellent for: 1st course/All levels
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: Included
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Life Course
General English - Intensive 20 lessons per week x - weeks
General English - Intensive 24 lessons per week x - weeks
General English - Super intensive 30 lessons per week x - weeks
This course is intended to help students improve their English and understand how to use the language. The aims is to teach students how English is used in real life situations. The classes focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students are encourage to take an active role in lessons. Teachers try to help develop their thinking skills. They monitor the way students listen and respond to topics being discussed.

Feedback for students is important so teachers update them regularly during the course. Beginners as well as students who already have a level of English comprehension, find this course useful. Some students want to speak and write better English, to improve the way they use it day to day. Other students may lack confidence in their language skills. This course will engage them in a positive way and make them more confident speakers.
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Excellent for: Work Abroad
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: Included
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Work Course
Business English - Super intensive 30 lessons per week x - weeks
Students take a test before they start this course, to determine their level of English. They will then join a class with other students who are on the same level. Each student receives a Language Portfolio and a study tool that is unique to their needs. They are mentored to ensure they are as fluent in English as they can be.

Throughout the course they will have continuous assessments to monitor their progress. Lessons focus on making students fluent in English in corporate situations, building confidence in business settings. They learn how to communicate with business clients and colleagues. This will improve their prospects of an international career. By the end of the course, students should become fluent in the language of international business.

They will find out about professional business relationships, and how to interact with business clients from anywhere in the world. They will understand methods of communication, and how to accept or decline invitations.
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Excellent for: Study abroad (Uni)
Visa Application: easy
Course certificate: Included
Visa letter: Included
Choose your English for Study Course
TOEFL (Preparation) - Super intensive 30 lessons per week x - weeks
Student may take these courses to improve their prospects at work, to gain entry into higher education, or for their own personal sense of achievement. Some of the lessons are centred on the core skills taught throughout the school.

They are: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will learn skills they can use in exams, by practicing with sample papers. By the time the exams come round, they should be confident in their ability to do what is expected of them. When studying at a higher levels, students need to know how to ‘skim read’ to pick out important points quickly.

They will also learn how to paraphrase passages of text.
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  • Free Internet
  • Student Lounge
  • Computer Room
  • Library
  • TV
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Self Study Room
  • Cafe
  • Social Calendar
  • WIFI
Student residence
  • Price week: £233
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Student residence
  • Price week: £233
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