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Celtic English Academy

Cardiff, GB-WLS
18 Park Grove, Cardiff, United Kingdom
5 reviews
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Celtic English Academy is a wonderful place to learn English, they strive to give each and every student the attention that they need! Diverse, welcoming, and professional are just a few of the words used to describe who they are.

The school is located in a beautiful brick building, with 21 different classrooms and a student lounge, IT room (with lots of computers!), library and self study space.

Our school is one of the most diverse on the market- we teach students from 40+ nationalities every year! Our lessons are easy to learn because we keep our classes on the small side, never exceeding 10 students.


Celtic English Academy is incredibly proud of its teachers, not only are they highly qualified, but they’re very engaging, professional, and enthusiastic about what they do!

The amount of support their students get is what sets them apart from the rest of the schools. Knowing they have a helping hand to fall back on makes all the difference in their educational journey.

Type of courses

General English:

Options: Basic: 15 hours/week, 20 lessons, Standard: 21 hours/week, 28 lessons, or Intensive: 30 hours/week, 40 lessons

Start dates: Any Monday

Duration: It’s up to you! One week, to one year or more

Age requirement: 16+

Course Certificate: No

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Business English: Standard option- 21 hours/week, 28 lessons or 25 hours/week, 28 lessons+ 4 hours one-on-one

Start dates- Any Monday

Duration- 4 week minimum period

Age requirement- 18+

Course Certificate- No

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IELTS Preparation English:

Options- Basic- 15 hours/week, 20 lessons, Standard- 21 hours/week, 28 lessons, Intensive- 24 hours/ week, 32 lessons or Super Intensive- 30 hours/week, 40 lessons

Start dates- Any Monday

Duration- 4-50 weeks

Age requirement: 16+

Course Certificate- No, but the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) qualification is the recognised standard used by academic institutions in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and is also accepted in the USA and Canada.

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  • Celtic English Academy Cafe
  • Celtic English Academy Computer Room
    Computer Room
  • Celtic English Academy IT Lounge
    IT Lounge
  • Celtic English Academy Multimedia Classroom
    Multimedia Classroom
  • Celtic English Academy Student Lounge
    Student Lounge
18 Park Grove, Cardiff, United Kingdom

The school is right in the center of Cardiff, a beautiful city by the sea. It has amazing shopping and entertainment opportunities, while still maintaining itself as one of the cheapest places in the UK.

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