Frequently asked questions

  • How does Edugates work?

    We connect students who are looking to learn a new language with the top language schools worldwide. We collect each school's information and package it in a simple way so you obtain all the information you are looking for within seconds. We give you the option to pay a 20% deposit or the full fee when you place your booking. Once your booking is placed, we will send a request to the school to accept your booking. After the school's booking acceptance, we will take 20% or the full fee from your bank account and pass it on to the school. If you choose to pay only 20% on the day you place the booking, the total amount needs to be paid online up until 14 days before the beginning of the course otherwise the course will be cancelled and you will lose the 20% deposit. We make money by charging a commission to the school. Course fees are the same, whether you book with edugates or the schools directly. We take a commission from the schools, not from you.

  • How do I book my course?

    1) Select the language you want to learn 2) Choose the city and school where you want to study 3) Book your course

  • How many classes per week should I choose?

    Generally speaking, programmes that have 10-20 classes per week are  called Standard Courses’. Courses with more than 20 classes mean that you will be choosing an ‘Intensive Course’.

  • How many weeks should attend a course for?

    It really depends on your needs and ability to learn. On average, schools recommend that you book a minimum course duration of 6 weeks.

  • I don't know whether I am a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level student?

    YIt does not matter what your language level is and it will not affect your course’s pricing. Your language level will be assessed by the school, as standard procedure, on the day you begin the course.

  • What if I need to cancel my booking?

    You will have 14 days from the time the booking is made to cancel your booking and receive a full refund. If you are cancelling your course because your VISA application has been denied you will need to contact us on and provide us with evidence that your application has been rejected. In the event that the VISA is refused you will need to contact us 14 days before the start of the course so we can inform the school that you won’t be joining them. If you fail to do so 14 days before the courses starts, you are liable to lose your deposit. Please see further details in our "Terms & Conditions" page under ‘6. Cancellation’

  • If I have a question - Who can I speak to?

    You can ask the question through our social media channels; Live chat (found on every school's profile page), email (, call us on +44 (0)800 098 8557+44 (0)800 098 8557 FREE+44 (FREE), or just submit your query using the contact form at the bottom of this page. We will get back to you with an answer within 24 hours!

  • I am not sure if need a VISA?

    Don't worry - we will tell you whether you need to apply for a VISA or not while you are booking your course. Needing a VISA does not affect course pricing, however, we will need to request that you to pay the full amount up front so that the school can issue a confirmation letter, which you will need for you to apply for a Student VISA.

  • I need to book my flight, can you help?

    Of course! We are here to help you and make your booking as easy as possible. Our goal is to help make your travel abroad and language learning experience memorable and stress free!

  • Do you provide an airport transfer service?

    We can help you to book a cab from the airport to your accommodation premises or directly to the school. We recommend Minicabit or Kabbee. Booking is easy, you can get quotes as cheap as 40 GBP and you can book in advance!

  • Do you provide accommodation?

    We can certainly help you with accommodation. For the time being You can request accommodation (optional) from the choices that our language schools provide at the time of booking your course. We also have partnerships with companies that which provide you with real-time bookings. You will find these be able to search through these options after you have purchased your course.

  • If I choose to pay only 20% deposit for my course - when do I need to pay the rest of the fee by?

    You can pay 20% on the day you purchase the course OR the full amount straightway (your choice). If you gone choose for the 20% deposit option, you will need to clear the remaining 80% balance at least 14 days prior to the start of the course. You can pay the remaining fee by logging into your Edugates account and proceeding with the payment.

  • What is cheaper? Booking a course through Edugates or directly with the school?

    The prices you see on our platform are always the same or cheaper than the school's own prices.

  • How soon can I start a language course if I book it today?

    All courses start on Mondays and we can place you into a classroom as soon as 14 days from today!

  • To whom should I pay the rest of the fee (80%) if I have chosen to pay a deposit only?

    We act as an intermediary between the student and the school. So payments are always processed from the student to Edugates and then from Edugates to the schools in an automated, controlled and safe way. You can pay your remaining fee by logging in to your Edugates account. We wouldn't want you to walk around with large sums of money or have you do our job by transferring the money directly to the school via bank transfer. With Edugates,it is easier for everybody.

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