Frequently asked questions


  • Who are you?

    We're an online platform that recommends and compares multiple language courses abroad. We provide you real-time advice and pricing so that you don’t need to wait for overpriced quotes and pay extra charges. Basically, we’re quick and awesome!

  • Where are your offices?

    We are based in sunny London, England.

  • Why should I sign up?

    We are a community. To take even more advantage of our exclusive pricing and support we recommend you to signup and become one of the family!

  • Why Facebook only signup?

    We aim for simplicity and are obsessed with security. Facebook allows us to validate real users and give our customers an easy and password-free login experience. Also, we don’t spam. We won’t post anything on Facebook on your behalf. Ever. And if you ever decided you didn’t want to be part of the team anymore (are you crazy?) then it’s really simple to delete your account.

  • How come you are so affordable?

    We use our years of experience in technology and customer service to allow us to simplify processes that other agencies charge a fortune for.
    We also have experience in dealing with volumes of customers, therefore we can get better rates than anybody else.

  • Can you send me quotes?

    You're so 90s! We're happy to send you quotes for a group booking. For individual quotes, with 3 clicks you can get real-time pricing from schools, and speak to one of our super-heroes through chat.

  • What makes your team so different from other agencies?

    Customers come first. We know that booking language courses abroad can be a little scary so we treat everybody personally, answering emails and questions fast so you just have to focus on how exciting your adventure is going to be! To make things work really well, this isn’t just a booking site, it’s a community, built to serve customers in the best way possible.

  • Advantages (besides savings) when booking with edugates?

    Easy! You get a dedicated travel superhero, available 24/7; We have excellent refundable visa policies; and flexible ways for you to pay the course.

  • If I have a question - Who can I speak to?

    Just log in and start chatting to us. Alternatively, head to our contact us page, chat or write to us; we don’t bite!




  • Need to cancel…what now?

    If you don’t need a visa, you can cancel the course up to 2 weeks before the course starts. You cannot cancel if your visa application is being made, processed, or has been accepted. Check the details in our terms and conditions.

  • Do you refund?

    We do, but you are subject to specific conditions. Don’t worry, we made these very students friendly and you can find out more information here.


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